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"Lessons Learned in Technology Transfer for Emergency Management" Speech.  Presented by Joseph Lees at the International Association Emergency Managers Annual Meeting on November 18, 2003. ( Presentation Slides)
  Alliance for Homeland Security Innovation - Florida Operational Test Bed. An agreement between HPI, the National Center for Simulation (NCS), and the Central Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF), was formed to cooperate in creation of a Florida operational test bed for advanced technologies. HPI volunteers are working to identify the user requirements for the local emergency management community, and to recognize DOD solutions to be brought forth. Orlando and Orange County RDSTF exercises have already been scheduled for the test bed. HPI has arranged for two technology systems to be used and evaluated during the exercise: portable interoperable radios and chemical detectors. These technologies are responsive to high priority needs and HPI has been able to secure vendors to provide systems to be monitored. Following the exercises, the data will be collected and an evaluation of the system meeting the requirements of the users will be performed.

  Test and Evaluation Issues Checklist.  Building on the experience to date, a draft issues check list has been developed of the questions that should be considered in planning for test and evaluation of CBR treatment and/or monitoring technologies.  It is currently undergoing consortium review and comment. ( T&E Issues Checklist)
  White Paper: Evaluation of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Building Air Treatment System Players, Needs and Standards. Upon receipt of a request for assistance from a potential technology provider, a draft White Paper was prepared describing applicable players, requirements, and standards in the U.S. for CBR air treatment technology for buildings. This paper illustrates one type of support HPI can provide to describe the technology development and deployment Value Chain in its User Assistance Center. ( White Paper Overview)
  Policy Development - Geospatial Preparedness Workshops. HPI is facilitating a series of workshops on geospatial preparedness for the Spatial Technologies Industry Association (STIA), in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The first workshop will be held in Washington on July 16, 2003. Its purpose is to define geospatial preparedness, as input to the DHS effort to develop a National Strategy on Homeland Security Geospatial Preparedness. For more information, contact Joe Lees at jlees@hpi-tech.org or Greg Karmazin (STIA) at GKarm@aol.com.

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