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The mission of the nonprofit Homeland Protection Institute (HPI) is to serve the public interest by spurring the rapid development and deployment of needed research applications and to address critical related policy, information management and education and training issues, so as to enhance homeland security, liberty, prosperity and sustainability.


HPI's principal focus is on multiple use research applications that detect, provide early warning, and enable the effective collection and management of appropriate information about chemical, biological, radiological, and other environmental hazards, threats, and events of high public concern.


HPI creates and manages processes to identify, prioritize, and provide practical solutions for the development and deployment of homeland protection research application technologies of high public need, such as:     

1)  identifying, analyzing, and fulfilling the needs and requirements of stakeholders for applications, policies, standards, and information;

2)  testing, evaluating, verifying, and demonstrating commercial ready applications;

3)  rapidly developing promising, high-priority applications to commercial-ready status, when needed;

4)  addressing important legal, risk management/insurance, regulatory, access/privacy, financial, and other issues;

5)  developing voluntary standards and codes to help insure the interoperability, harmonization, and integration of technologies and systems;

6)  creating individual and public computer-based training, distance learning programs, information exchange forums and other public outreach capabilities for application user and provider communities and other stakeholders.

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